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Australian nature meets science and art

By Paula Peeters

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Mount Kaputar: A living volcano

By Paula Peeters, Adam Fawcett, Shannon Greenfields and James Faris.

Developed in partnership with Saving our Species, New South Wales Department of Planning and Environment; and in collaboration with New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service.

‘Tree hollows are animal homes’

#1 Design collection – Eucalypt Open Forests, south-eastern Australia

‘Tree hollows are animal homes’ is a series of designs inspired by the relationship between the many Australian animal species that use hollows and the trees that provide them. This first set of 5 designs includes illustrations of 19 animal species that use hollows in the Eucalypt Open Forests of south-eastern Australia.

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‘Possums of Australia’ design collection

Yes I have a possum obsession!

Maybe you do too?

I decided to illustrate all 27 species of possum and glider that live in Australia. I’ve loved these critters for a long time, perhaps because most of them live in forests, and I also love forests.

As a result I now present you with 8 different possum / glider designs.

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All possum designs are available on garments, posters, prints and other goodies via my Redbubble store.

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A walk in the mountain forests

My nature journal of Binna Burra, Beechmont and beyond

Discover the richness of the mountain forests through the playful, diverse and beautiful pages of Paula’s nature journal.

Paperback, 17 x 22.3 cm, 206 pages, full colour throughout with over 196 original illustrations. Printed in Australia on recycled paper.

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Stories and artwork inspired by Australian nature

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A walk in the green room

A walk in the green room

Binna Burra, September 2021 The forest always gives so much. But I need to slow down, to observe, to open myself to its abundance, for this to happen. As I walk into the forest I see the different layers, shapes, colours of green that are the leaves, foliage,...


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Nature journaling workshop at Binna Burra; Photos by Renata Buziak


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