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Suzy Swamphen has never heard of the Life Magic and doesn’t know she is part of a Tribe. But her life is changed forever when Pip the Squirrel Glider and Roo the Kangaroo arrive at Second Lagoon, seeking help to save Pip’s bushland home. Gnarled old Blue Gum and goggle-eyed Cockatoo turn out to be Elders. Magpies are secret agents who watch the humans, and they know a boy named Tom who might be able to help. Can Suzy, Pip and Roo learn enough about the Life Magic in time to save Pip’s home? And do they have the courage to face the humans?

Along the way, stories are shared to remember the Lore and keep the ties between Tribes strong. Rainforest trees hold a ball to find animals that can spread their seeds. A bird helps the kangaroo to find its hop. A tree tries to live forever and learns the value of community.

Welcome to the Wildworld.

"This utterly charming children’s book from writer, artist and ecologist Paula Peeters is gentle delight that may entertain parents just as much as their kids... Peeters has created a very bewitching magical world, and one that provides a unique insight into suburban Australian backyards and urban spaces and the pressures they face."

- Cara Schultz, Birdlife Australia

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Written and illustrated by Paula Peeters

For readers 8 years and over

Published by Paperbark Writer

Paperback, 172 pages

Printed in Australia on recycled paper


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