I’m really pleased to announce the release of my sixth colouring book: Mount Kaputar: A living volcano, a collaboration with Adam Fawcett, Shannon Greenfields and James Faris. This book was developed in partnership with Saving our Species, New South Wales Department of Planning and Environment, and in collaboration with New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service. I created the illustrations, except for the mountain range on pages 3 and 4 which were drawn and labelled by James. The book was written by Adam, Shannon and James.

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In 2022 I visited Mount Kaputar National Park to meet Adam, Shannon and James, and to gather information and images of the landscapes and species that were to appear in the book.

We visited a range of ecosystems and sites, and were fortunate to see many wonderful plants, animals and fungi. Maybe you can see from these photos some of the inspiration for the final illustrations that appear in the book…

Above: Shannon and James visiting a known site of the threatened Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby. Below: Illustration of the site.

Shannon and Adam discussing the finer points of the colouring book.

The Nadewar Range (including Mount Kaputar National Park) is an important landscape feature of Gamilaroi, Kamilaroi, Gomeroi, Gamilaraay Country. Above is a photo of the Deriah Aboriginal Area, situated in a beautiful woodland of the rare Ooline tree Cadellia pentastylis.

Thanks to Adam, Shannon and James for making this book happen, and for the financial support of the NSW Department of Planning and Environment which has enabled the creation and publishing of the book, including its availability as a free ebook. A limited number of print copies will be available from the Narrabri National Parks and Wildlife Office at a date to be announced….

Mount Kaputar: a living volcano Adam Fawcett, James Faris and Shannon Greenfields (Authors), Paula Peeters and James Faris (Illustrators).

Published in 2023 by Paperbark Writer, PO Box 1136, Nerang, Queensland Australia.

© 2023 Paperbark Writer; Illustrations © Paula Peeters 2023

Cataloguing in Publication details are available from the National Library of Australia www.trove.nla.gov.au

ISBN 978 0 6454875 3 4 (print)
ISBN 978 0 6454875 4 1 (ebook)

Printed in Australia on recycled paper.