Sunlight and shadows – a dry sclerophyll forest portrait

  The most widespread and abundant forest type in Australia is probably dry sclerophyll forest – the tallest trees are eucalypts and their relatives (Corymbia, Angophora, Lophostemon), and below them are sparse shrubs, heath and/or grasses and herbs. This forest … Continued

Blackbutt beasties, and forest portrait number two

Many beautiful beasties live in wet sclerophyll forest, including those that dwell or nest in the hollows of venerable old trees. Gliding possums that eat leaves, blossoms or trees sap; owls, tree-creepers and parrots; bats, snakes and antechinusesยน.ย  As I … Continued

How to draw a forest (Part 2) – my first forest portrait

When it comes to doing art Iโ€™m largely self taught, so I always hesitate to call myself an artist. But I do like a challenge. Trying to draw forest portraits would require me to brush up on everything I had … Continued