A new nature journal for the Taronga Western Plains Zoo!

The lovely Kelly Pfeiffer – whose encouragement was instrumental for the publication of my previous book Take this Book for a Walk in 2020 – recently commissioned me to create a nature journaling resource for Taronga Western Plains Zoo in … Read More

Leaf me alone! Are the Pink Slugs of Mt Kaputar pretending to be leaves?

posted in: Tales of science 2

21st February 2022, 6 pm The light is fading, and the wet stems of Ribbony Gums and Snow Gums are dark grey against a white overcast sky. The bare sloping rock face shines with water, water is sponged up by … Read More

Spiky grubs, tiny bats and the giant stinging tree

posted in: Tales of science 0

Meet the punk caterpillar who’s willing to take on some of Australia’s most fearsome plants (the Gympie Stinger and Shiny-leaved Stinging Tree), and spends part of its life masquerading as a bat. In recent years it’s also begun to devour … Read More

A Tale of Three Scrubwrens

Australia has an enormous variety of little brown birds. Some of these are scrubwrens, of the genus Sericornis (The name ‘Sericornis’ refers to the soft, silky plumage of these birds). Three species of Sericornis live in the forests of Lamington … Read More

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