Work in progress… ink outline of the topknot pigeon nature study

We usually only glimpse the topknot pigeons flying high and fast overhead, a steady workmanlike beat of strong grey wings and a flash of pink beak. But last week they were in the treetops at Tullawallal. It’s the highest point of the forest near Binna Burra, crowned by Nothofagus moorei (myrtle beech) trees which erupt multi-stemmed from among the large mossy grey boulders.

I don’t know why the topknots were there, since they are fruit eaters and Nothofagus only produces dry seeds. We saw some fancy flying and a showy fanned tail – perhaps the topknots were using the high point of Tullawallal to launch their courtship display flights?

The finished nature study – or do you think I should add colour to the leaves and trees?