Just letting you know that my new ‘Owls of Australia’ design (above) is now available as a tea towel. It includes all 10 species of owl that are found in Australia, plus a bonus Tawny Frogmouth (not an owl :)).

I often see and hear Boobook Owls, Owlet Nightjars and Tawny Frogmouths where I live. I’ve also heard a Masked Owl and found some gruesome bandicoot remains that looked like the work of a Masked Owl.

Here’s a pic of some Tawny Frogmouths I spotted on a morning walk in Beechmont a few weeks ago:

I think the 3 on the left are young ones, because they seem a tiny bit more downy than the 2 on the right. Plus the bird on the far right seems to be glaring at me like a protective parent!

Also, the ‘Cockatoos of Australia’ and ‘Possums of Australia’ tea towels are both back in stock. All tea towels are made from Australian organic cotton and are printed in Australia by The Linen Press.

These designs are also available on tshirts, posters and other goodies from my Redbubble store.