Squirrel glider (detail) from Bimblebox Wonderland. Pen and ink drawing by Paula Peeters.

After many long days of designing and drawing, I’m very pleased to announce the publication of Bimblebox Wonderland. It’s the first colouring book for adults based entirely on a wild Australian woodland.

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In September I was immersed in the small wonders of Bimblebox Nature Refuge, when I took part in the Bimblebox Art, Science, Nature Camp. It was an indulgence to wander around, looking at the animals and plants, sketching and taking photos. I started drawing the illustrations for Bimblebox Wonderland while on camp, and finished them back at my home in Brisbane.

artist camp

The artist’s camp at Bimblebox Nature Refuge.

Bimblebox Nature Refuge is 8000ha of eucalypt woodland that is managed for wildlife conservation. For those with eyes to see, it is full of an astonishing diversity of life. Several hundred species of plants and animals call this place home. Many more await discovery.

I’ve always been entranced by the small details of nature. And I’m passionate about sharing the wonders of Australian nature with others. So I’m delighted that so many people are rediscovering the joys of colouring. Not only does this allow people to do something creative and relaxing, it also helps us all to slow down, look closely, and contemplate small details.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how colouring fans will add life to my pen-and-ink drawings. Because every person will add their own creative touches, and no two ‘colourings’ will be the same. This is a form of artistic collaboration. Just as people may delight in discovering the small details in my pictures, I’m sure to be inspired and amazed by how colouring-in will give those same pictures more layers, and many different expressions.

But I would be even more thrilled if Bimblebox Wonderland helped people to connect more closely to nature. That by taking the time to colour a detailed picture of nature this may encourage us all to spend more time outside in nature.

And when we’re there, to slow down, breathe deeply, and look closely.  People have been doing this for thousands of years. I am sure that our increasing disconnection from nature is partly to blame for many of our society’s ills. We actually need to feel that we are part of nature to stay happy and healthy. These plants and animals are our relatives, our companions on this planet. This is our birthright, and our world to delight in.



Tawny frogmouth in poplar box, Bimblebox Nature Refuge, and tawny frogmouth illustration (detail) from Bimblebox Wonderland.

Bimblebox Wonderland - final front cover small

Front cover of Bimblebox Wonderland.