Lots of animals need trees, so planting native trees, and helping them to grow big and strong, is one of the best ways you can Help the Wildworld. Other plants provide food and shelter to animals too, so it doesn’t have to be a tree. You could also plant a shrub, herb, sedge or waterplant, and the Wildworld will be grateful!

How do you find out which plants to plant in your area? If you’re in Brisbane, check out these
Lists of local native plants for Brisbane & free native plants for Brisbane residents . Many other places have guides to local native plants, so do some searching to find out the best native plants to help your local patch of Wildworld.

These two plant nurseries provide a wonderful range of local native plants for Brisbane:
Paten Park Native Nursery
Kumbartcho Native Nursery

You can also
join a Habitat Brisbane group to help look after your local patch of bush

And here’s a free colour-in cartoon for you to save and print: