Themed Nature Studies sessions for kids

I’ve just launched some new, themed Nature Studies sessions for kids:

  1. Insects and other micro critters;
  2. Batty about bats;
  3. I love my local birds;
  4. Tiny trails, and Find my secret plant;
  5. Marvelous mammals;
  6. Wild Things Treasure Map;
  7. Life in the mangroves;
  8. Find your Tree, and Looking closely at leaves;
  9. Wonderful wetland birds and beasts;
  10. Nature recycles, so why can’t we?

Each session includes these elements:

  • Direct observation of nature, and the use of all senses
  • Learning about local nature – local species, habitats and ecological interactions
  • Being curious – encouraging the kids to ask questions about what they observe, to develop critical thinking and an inquiring mind
  • Drawing and writing – simple but powerful ways to focus attention, create something unique and record observations for further investigation
  • Games – fun ways to interact with nature, revise facts, and imagine life from another perspective

For more information check out Nature Studies for Kids.

And come along to The Planting festival next Sunday if you’d like to make your own Wild Things Treasure Map! (adults allowed only if accompanied by a child :))

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