Thank you again!

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Thanks everyone for supporting my fundraising venture via Redbubble. $1520 has been raised for environmental and animal welfare charities over the last 6 months.

Here’s where the money has gone:

  • Birdlife Australia – $989
  • Bush Heritage Australia – $226
  • Bat Conservation and Rescue Qld – $83
  • RSPCA Queensland – $43
  • Environmental Defenders Office – $92
  • Wildcare Australia – $87

Heading the list of the 5 most popular designs was…..

1. Max the Magpie

Very close behind in second place was…

2. Cockatoos of Australia

The lovely Fairy-wrens of Australia came in at number 3.

Robins of Australia was fourth most popular:

And Tawny Frogmouth once again came in at number 5.

If you would like to support this fundraising effort, check out my shop PaperbarkW on Redbubble. 25% of the retail price of each item is donated to charity, and each design supports a specified charity. You can order a variety of garments with these and 18 other designs, and choose the size, style and colour to suit you.

Together we can make a difference!