‘Take this Book for a Walk’ is warmly embraced by the world

It’s barely 3 months since Take this Book for a Walk was released, and I’m down to my last couple of boxes, and planning the next print run. Thank you for warmly embracing this book, even during the strange time of COVID-19. But that was my hope. That more people would take the time to slow down and discover the nature all around them in a new way. And that is what seems to have happened.

Many people have contacted me and simply said “I love this book!” Or “My son / daughter loves this book!”

Year 7 students at the Dubbo School of Distance Education have described how nature journaling with Take this Book for a Walk has helped them to see nature in a new way, made them happy because they were outside in nature, and reduced their stress. 

A manager in Melbourne (which is under strict lockdown) has provided each member of his team with a copy of Take this Book for a Walk, and they all nature journal together, online, to boost morale. 

The principal of an environmental education centre in Queensland has recognised Take this Book for a Walk as a trailblazing work, and has incorporated nature journaling into the the centre’s programs.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased Take this Book for a Walk, or recommended it to a friend. Connecting to nature is a powerful force for healing, for lifting the spirit and helping us to find the strength to go on. I firmly believe that the more people who discover this, and realise the importance of nature in their lives, the better it will be for humanity and the planet. 

Choosing to self-publish is a risky business. But thank you once again for helping me to publish my work, survive somehow as an artist/writer, and do so while supporting Australian jobs and using recycled paper. Together we can achieve amazing things 🙂

Take this Book for a Walk: A step-by-step guide to nature journaling is available now from my online shop.

4 Responses

  1. Anne Riggs

    I am not surprised it is doing well Paula. It is a terrific book; I really love it! Congratulations. Anne

    • Paula Peeters

      Thanks Anne! That means a lot to me 🙂

  2. Paula Schetters

    I need a few more books for presents for family and friends…

    • Paula Peeters

      ooo that sounds good 🙂