Bimblebox Wonderland colouring book – on sale now

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After many long days of designing and drawing, I’m very pleased to announce the publication of Bimblebox Wonderland. It’s the first colouring book for adults based entirely on a wild Australian woodland. Order your copy here. In September I was … Continued

Bimblebox tree quiz

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  Today I’ve been drawing trees for the Bimblebox Wonderland colouring book. And I’d like to share some of them in this little quiz. Your task is to match each tree picture with its name. The first correct entry will … Continued

Sneak preview of the Bimblebox Wonderland colouring book

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On my recent visit to Bimblebox Nature Refuge I was entranced by small details of nature. Dried grasses in spears and curls; round flowerheads of the woolly mat-rush on spikes; lumpy humps of termite mounds; woodland birds foraging on the … Continued