Sneak peek at my new kid’s book – Stories from the Wildworld

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I’m thrilled to reveal the cover of my new kid’s book Stories from the Wildworld. The anticipated release date is 15th November 2018, with pre-orders open soon.

Suzy Swamphen has never heard of the Life Magic and doesn’t know she is part of a Tribe. But her life is changed forever when Pip the Squirrel Glider and Roo the Kangaroo arrive at Second Lagoon, seeking help to save Pip’s bushland home. Gnarled old Blue Gum and goggle-eyed Cockatoo turn out to be Elders. Magpies are secret agents who watch the humans, and they know a boy named Tom who might be able to help. Can Suzy, Pip and Roo learn enough about the Life Magic in time to save Pip’s home? And do they have the courage to face the humans?

Along the way, stories are shared to remember the Lore and keep the ties between Tribes strong. Rainforest trees hold a ball to find animals that can spread their seeds. A bird helps the kangaroo to find its hop. A tree tries to live forever and learns the value of community.

Welcome to the Wildworld.




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    • Paula Peeters

      Thanks Kylie, it’s pitched at readers 8 – 12 years

  1. Melanie Venz

    Love the new title; excellent blurb. Can’t wait to see (& read) the finished version. The draft made quite an impression on my 9 yesr old Mitchell & 7 year old Jemma!

    • Paula Peeters

      Hi Mel, thanks for your kind words! And thanks again for going to the trouble of reading the manuscript (to your kids too!) and providing me with all of those great comments. I think it’s certainly improved the final version.

  2. Paula Schetters

    I’m really excited to see this, Paula! It looks wonderful! The concept, illustrations, title and publisher’s series title, blurb, and the over-all look and feel — brilliant! I look forward to the finished work and will put in my request for a copy. I wish you great success with this. Are you self-publishing and marketing it yourself too?

    • Paula Peeters

      Thanks Paula! It was a lot of fun (plus a crazy amount of work) to put it together. Lots of things I had never noticed about books before, like that little logo on the spine… I did consider traditional publishing for a while, but eventually chose to self-publish, for many reasons. So learning lots about marketing now 🙂

      • Paula Schetters

        I admire that you are self publishing and with all your contacts, I think that’s a great way to start.

        • Paula Peeters

          The wonderful support I have had from lots of people – including you! – was certainly part of the reason. Another reason was that after so many years of working in big bureaucracies I wanted to be in complete control of the content and quality of the final product.

          • Paula Schetters

            I endorse your sentiments. If you become too busy later down the track and you can’t spend time on the things you do best, ie your illustrations, your writing and your blog etc, then maybe you could consider handing over to the right kind of publisher.

  3. Linda Lee

    It looks fantastic Paula! How exciting. Never mind the kids, I want to read it myself! Are you planning on having a launch?

    • Paula Peeters

      Oh I am glad! I think you might like it… Not sure about the launch. But if I did, it would be after Christmas, and I think Sandgate would be the best place to have it.