Scarlet robin in a burnt landscape

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This meme combines two inspirations. Scarlet robins were some of the first birds to return to the burnt landscape after the Marysville fires, some years ago. I learnt that from a facebook friend recently (thanks Ian!), and could not get the image out of my mind.

Then a friend of ours lost her house to the fires last week. She lives on Kangaroo Island, a place of extraordinary natural wonders, where nearly half the island has now been burnt. We were sending her a care package, including a card. I had already written in it, and handed it to my partner Ray. He wrote the words you see in the picture above. Somehow Ray’s words and the image joined in my mind, and here it is for you to share.

Keep caring. Keep sharing your stories. Keep striving for a better world.

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  1. Sue Southwood

    It is hard to take but like the robin, hope comes back. Love to your friend. And to you and Ray and the robins. Sue X

  2. Paula Schetters

    Those thoughts, the image and the words are really beautiful. Love to you, and here’s to a good recovery for everyone on Kangaroo Island.
    Love from the Southern Paula

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