Welcome to The Southern Bell Frog Story.

Follow the Southern Bell Frog’s journey, from tiny egg, to tadpole, to a young frog leaving its summer wetland for permanent waters.

See if you can make the distinctive motorbike-like call of the male Southern Bell Frogs. Hide with them among the plants growing in cool green wetlands.

Keep an eye out for the many plants and animals that also make these wetlands home. A key at the back of the book will help you identify them, and show you who to look for.

Have fun!

While print copies of this book are not for sale, a free electronic version of The Southern Bell Frog Story can be downloaded here.

  • Project type: Art commission / Colouring book
  • Design/Illustration/Publishing: Paula Peeters
  • Concept/story Helen P Waudby
  • Commissioned by: New South Wales Department of Planning, Industry and Environment