Riverina Grassland Ramblings was designed to convey the natural richness of the Riverina Grasslands of southern New South Wales, including the enigmatic and highly endangered Plains Wanderer. Commissioned by Matt Cameron of the New South Wales Office of Environment, this colouring book will be distributed free to landholders to celebrate their role as custodians of this sometimes overlooked ecosystem.

This series of blog posts describes how Riverina Grassland Ramblings was conceived and created:

How to draw a grassland – Part One

How to draw a grassland Part Two: Ecology in pictures

How to draw a grassland Part Three: What lies beneath?

While print copies of this book are not for sale, a free electronic version of Riverina Grassland Ramblings can be downloaded here.

How many plants and animals can you find?
An amazing grassland world awaits you inside the covers of this book, full of intriguing plants and animals waiting to be discovered and coloured.
Get down on your hands and knees, crawl through the grass, and see how many different flowers and creatures you can find.
Fred the sheepdog is happy to show you around, and introduce you to some of his favourite friends.
Come face to face with the iconic Plains-wanderer, a bird where the female has the more colourful feathers, and the male rears the chicks.
A key at the back of the book will help you identify any plants and animals that you find, and tell you how many more are hidden in the detailed illustrations.
Good Luck!


  • Project type: Art commission / Colouring book
  • Design/Illustration/Publishing Paula Peeters
  • Commissioned by: New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage
  • Publication date: June 2016