Deborah Metters, who coordinates the Land for Wildlife program in South East Queensland, was looking for something a bit different to include in the Land for Wildlife newsletter. Deborah had been given not one, but two copies of my first colouring book Bimblebox Wonderland as a Christmas gift by separate friends (fortunately she really liked it!), and was already interested in conveying conservation messages through art. So Deb asked me to create illustrations of Land for Wildlife properties in two typical habitats in our region: a eucalypt woodland and a wet rainforest. As well as a diverse variety of native species, it was important that the pictures included people, the Land for Wildlife sign, and examples of feral species which are now part of the landscape in south east Queensland.

These two colour-in pages were included in the July 2016 issue of the Land for Wildlife newsletter, and readers were invited to submit their completed creations as part of a competition.

You can read more about these pictures, and see the list of species included in this post.