You can read about how and why I started painting forest portraits in this series of blog posts:

How to draw a forest (Part One) – or seeing the wood for the trees

How to draw a forest (Part Two) – my first forest portrait

Blackbutt beasties, and forest portrait number two

Sunlight and shadows – a dry sclerophyll forest portrait

Portrait of an endangered scribbly gum woodland

Enter the jungle – a portrait of a wet rainforest

Nothofagus: a portrait of the Antarctic beech forest

The scribbly gum woodland at Freshwater

Some of these forest portraits can be purchased as greeting cards or prints from the shop.

  • Project type: Art project
  • Concept: Create a series of comparable images that illustrate the structure and floristics of a range of forest and woodland types in south east Queensland
  • Media used: Soft pastels on pastel paper
  • Completed in: 2015