Read all about this art commission in my blog post Wonders of Western Australia.

This image includes the following Western Australian species and a number of symbols that reflect aspects of the work of ecologists in Australia:

Species (all species are native to WA, most are endemic to WA)

Carnaby’s black-cockatoo Calyptorhynchus latirostris

Red and Green Kangaroo paw Anigozanthos manglessii

Western spinebill Acanthorhynchus superciliosus

Shirt orchid Thelymitra campanulata

Honey possum Tarsipes rostratus

Baxters Banksia Banksia baxteri

Blue Lechenaultia Lechenaultia biloba


Boomerang triggerplant Stylidium eriopodum

Verticordia grandis

Pink and White Everlasting Rhodanthe chlorocephala

Pink petticoats Urtricularia multifida

Motorbike frog Litoria moorei

Albany pitcher plant Cephalotus follicularis

Numbat Myrmecobius fasciatus

Wandoo Eucalyptus wandoo

Karri Eucalyptus diversicolor



Indigenous-style dot paintings

Landscape states after McIntyre and Hobbs 1999 Conservation Biology

Radiotracking or GPS tracking plot

Probability distribution curve

NMDS plot

Box plots

Bayes’ Theorum

Direct seeding rows

City and suburbs


  • Project type: Art commission / Calico bag
  • Customer: Ecological Society of Australia
  • Date completed: November 2016