Only one entry so far?! – This is easier than you think!

Hello dear blog readers! I’ve only received one entry in the name-the-species competition, even though a lot of you read the post about it on Monday.

So I am wondering whether:

  1. My drawings are really crap and no-one can tell what species they’re supposed to be.
  2. Everyone’s really busy.
  3. Naturalists (i.e. people who like identifying species) are thin on the ground.
  4. You’re all waiting til Sunday morning to submit your entries (entries close 12 pm Sunday).

Any light you could shed on this lack of entries would be most appreciated. Don’t forget I’m not expecting anyone to ID all of them (many of them are not recognizable to species). But there are a few iconic Queensland life forms in there that most nature lovers can recognize…. I hope? 🙂

So get your entries in! (For instructions see the original post repeated below the picture).

Thanks for reading!

Name the Queensland species and win a book!

First posted Monday 4th Feb 2019

Last year I was asked to create a conference bag design for the Ecological Society of Australia (following previous bag designs in 2016 and 2017 – thanks ESA!). The conference location for 2018 was Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Queensland is a huge and diverse state, so my mind boggled with all the different directions I could potentially go. But I wanted to express the diversity of the ESA conference too – its numerous talks and posters were likely to cover plants and animals, marine and aquatic, coastal and arid inland systems.

So I daydreamed about all of the Queensland plants and critters that I had seen, or worked on, or heard about (and I asked social media for help too). Which ones represented the Queensland that I knew? The above picture is what I came up with. The bags were printed and were popular at the conference (conference bags are optional at ESA conferences now – you can buy one for a small fee if you want one. It’s part of the environmental consciousness of these conferences that this year also included your own reusable bamboo cutlery. Wow!).

Now it’s your turn. How many species can you name? Not all can be identified to species level, based on my illustration, but many can be. Try to put names on as many as you can – both plants and animals (including fish!). All are found in Queensland.

Here are the rules: One point for each species name (or full common name) guessed correctly. Half a point if you only get the genus name or part of a common name. And you get a bonus point for guessing my inspiration for the wiggly line that runs through the centre of the design.

The person who guesses the most names correctly by the end of the week (12 pm Sunday 10th February) will win a copy of my kid’s book Stories from the Wildworld which is a fantasy fiction tale about the wildlife of Brisbane.

You can enter using the Contact form on this website, or direct message me on Twitter, facebook or Instagram. Have fun!

10 Responses

  1. Melanie Venz

    or “5. Already have the book”…so it would not be fair to deprive another! 🙂

    • Paula Peeters

      Oh you are so very nice. But you can always get another book, and give it away!

  2. Sarah Way

    My entry is coming &, yes, my excuse is #2 & #4
    I’ve already started my ID list!! 🙂

    • Paula Peeters


  3. Gregg Muller

    6. – I thought the queenslanders would have been all over it. List via contact form.

    • Paula Peeters

      Hey Gregg good to hear from you! We’ll see if the Queenslanders can be pipped by a southerner

  4. Sandra Taylor

    Paula, your drawings are terrific! I didn’t intend to go in for the competition but wanted to see how many I could identify. I just haven’t had time to have a good look! It was a great idea but maybe others needed more time too. So don’t be discouraged.

    • Paula Peeters

      Oh thanks Sandra! I was being a bit facetious about the drawings, but sometimes I wonder if I’m caught up in my own little world. But if I am, it’s quite a nice world. I think most people generally live very busy lives, and I’m always amazed that they still make time to read this blog. For which I’m very grateful.

  5. Rowena and Graham

    Hi Paula ditto #2 and #4 , your drawings are awesome and it was good fun tho we are hopeless fishologists so will have failed badly on that score . Do we get points for getting in in on time ? (At least ‘twas Perth time haha) List on contact form

    • Paula Peeters

      Wow maybe you need extra points for entering the comp while away from home! Great effort 🙂 Thanks for the kind words about the drawings too.