New Wild.Life greeting card range

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I’m very excited to announce my new range of Wild.Life greeting cards:

As you can see, I’ve had a bit of fun using a cartoony style combined with some silly puns. But it’s still all about celebrating Australian nature.

Each card was designed in my home studio here in Sandgate, and then printed (on recycled paper) by the helpful folks at Lava Print, also here in Sandgate.

These cards are available now from my online store.

Each card (plus recycled paper envelope) is $4.50, or you can purchase a set of 10 designs for $40.00

***Delivery is free across Australia***

I hope you like them!


6 Responses

  1. Rhonda Butcher

    Hey PP, great set of cards, really love them. Your wonderful sense of the silly comes through very nicely! Great job as always. cheers RB

    • Paula Peeters

      Hey thanks Rhonnie, it really is a delight for me to impose my silly humour on the world, in this way!

  2. Melanie Venz

    These are great, Paula! (“One good tern” -LOL) I really hope you get lots of stockists. Mel x

    • Paula Peeters

      Hey thanks Mel, I’m glad you like them. They were lots of fun to make!