A Nature Studies session in action. Photo by Amanda Bartle

Nature is good for kids! The evidence keeps piling up that time in nature improves the health, overall wellbeing and learning abilities of children. But getting kids away from screens and outside into nature can be challenging. I lead Nature Studies sessions for kids that are tailored to the ages and needs of the group, and are held in a local natural area (e.g. a local park, backyard or schoolyard). The aim is to get kids excited by and engaged with nature.

The main elements of each session are:

  • Direct observation of nature, and the use of all senses
  • Learning about local nature – local species, habitats and ecological interactions
  • Being curious – encouraging the kids to ask questions about what they observe, to develop critical thinking and an inquiring mind
  • Drawing and writing – simple but powerful ways to focus attention, create something unique and record observations for further investigation
  • Games – fun ways to interact with nature, revise facts, and imagine life from another perspective

Themed sessions are available (see below) or choose an un-themed Nature Journaling session that is guided by what nature action is happening at the site. You can also choose the length of the session to suit your group (e.g. 1 hour, 2 hours, etc). I can also run two or more sessions on the same day to cater for different age groups. The maximum number for each session is 12 children. Parents and teachers are very welcome to accompany the children during the session.

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Nature studies sessions aim to foster a life-long interest in, and enthusiasm for nature. Photo by Alecia Bellgrove

Themed Nature Studies sessions

  1. Insects and other micro critters
  2. Batty about bats
  3. I love my local birds
  4. Tiny trails, and Find my secret plant
  5. Marvelous mammals
  6. Wild Things Treasure Map
  7. Life in the mangroves
  8. Find your Tree, and Looking closely at leaves
  9. Wonderful wetland birds and beasts

Each of the above themes can be adjusted for different ages, from 6 years to adult.

The following themed session is also available for kids under 6 years old:

  1. Nature recycles, so why can’t we?

This list of themed sessions is constantly growing, so if you’re interested in a theme that’s not listed here, please let me know. I’m always interested in new ideas, and may develop a new themed session for your group!


I charge $100/hour for the session time only, and do not charge travel or set-up time if the site is within 50 km of Sandgate, Brisbane. For sites over 50 km from Sandgate I add a surcharge to cover my extra travel expenses and travel time. I can supply nature journaling materials for participants for an extra cost if required, or participants can bring their own materials (sketchbook, pens and pencils).


Nature Studies sessions encourage both factual learning and creative expression. Photo by Amanda Bartle.

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