Nature journaling workshops are back!

Here in Queensland we’re fortunate to be coming out of lockdown, and slowly resuming group activities. And this means that Nature Journaling workshops are back! (Most in south east Queensland, but also two online workshops.) Check out my Events page for more details.

I feel a little anxious about this, not exactly sure why. Maybe it’s simply that I’m out of practice. Maybe I’m expecting some workshop participants to be feeling anxious too. Or perhaps it’s just the accumulative effects of all the worries of this strange time.

But overall I feel excited to be teaching again. I love the buzz of helping people discover a new skill and gain new knowledge and inspiration. Teaching was something I stumbled upon, way back in 3rd year university, and I’m really happy to be doing it regularly again.

Drawing and writing can both be immensely rewarding and also therapuetic. So if you’d like to learn more, come along to a virtual or real workshop.

If you prefer to learn from books, download my book Make a Date with Nature for free, or purchase Take this Book for a Walk from my online store.

Happy nature journaling!