Meet Ibis, Treehugger and Magpies making it better

plus ‘Birds of Australia’ designs now available as prints & posters

But beware of fraudsters!

Hello, this is just a short note to announce some new designs and products on Redbubble. And also a warning about others stealing my work and selling it online.

New designs!

I’m very excited to show you three new designs I’ve recently created. Ibis Special (above), Treehugger and ‘Magpies make it better”, below. They’re just two of 10 new greeting card designs that I’ll be launching soon.
But right now these designs are available on a range of products via my Redbubble store.

Note that when you buy garments from my Redbubble store, 25% of the retail price is donated to the nominated charity (in the design name). Buying garments with either Ibis or Treehugger will raise funds for the Environmental Defenders Office of Australia, while buying garments with ‘Magpies make it better’ will raise funds for BirdLife Australia.

I make very little money from garment sales (about 60c – $1 per item) after covering manufacturing costs and donating 25% of the retail price to charity. But this is fine by me, because this part of my Redbubble store is the fundraising part of my business, and I am glad to be able to support charities including Birdlife Australia, Bush Heritage Australia, and the Environmental Defender’s Office of Australia.

But if you buy other goods from my Redbubble store, the profits go to me. This supports my work in combining art, science, writing and teaching to connect people to nature.

Check out some of the products available below. I’m particularly excited by the ibis clock… does anyone need a clock these days???

Bird designs now available as prints and posters

I’m very pleased to now offer the ‘Cockatoos of Australia’, ‘Fairy-wrens of Australia’ and ‘Robins of Australia’ designs as prints and posters, also via my Redbubble store.
Choose from posters, art prints, canvas prints, framed prints and more. See below for some of the options available.
Note that these designs are also available on garments, with 25% of the retail price supporting various environmental charities.

Beware of fraudsters!

Sadly, I need to warn you that numerous other accounts on Redbubble, and maybe elsewhere, have stolen many of my designs illegally. These accounts are selling my designs on a range of products without my permission. Some are even claiming that funds raised will be donated to charities.

So please make sure that when you purchase goods with my designs that you either:

  1. Buy them from my Redbubble store (see image below)
  2. Buy them from my website
  3. Buy them from retailers that I work with. This includes the Binna Burra Teahouse, the Lamington Natural History Association, Canungra Books and Arts, Under the Greenwood Tree in Mount Tamborine, Secrets on the Lake in Montville, the Bulimba Creek Catchment Committee, and Biome stores (including Biome’s online stores).

If you do this, you will know that your purchases support me, and the environmental charities that I support.

When I started creating my own art to make a living several years ago, I never imagined that others would actually steal my work to try to make money. So I guess it’s kind of flattering, in a way.

But who needs to buy products when you can enjoy nature for free? I encourage you to try to make some time to get out into nature, to slow down and become aware of the wonders all around. You know it’s good for you 🙂

6 Responses

  1. Rhonda Butcher
    | Reply

    Hi Paula, love the new work, particularly the Ibis – the hat is great and the clock! It’s outrageous that people are stealing your work. Your collection of work is a credit to you – I’m a fan for sure!

  2. Paula Peeters
    | Reply

    Hi Rhonda, thank you for your longstanding support and encouragement, it’s really helped me over the years 🙂

  3. barbara richardson
    | Reply

    Congratulations Paula your artwork is beautiful all the cute little animals are so lovely it’s hard to pick. Best wishes to you xx I’m having trouble seeing my reply as I write it so I hope I make sense

    • Paula Peeters
      | Reply

      Hey thanks Barbara for reading, and for your kind words 🙂

  4. Reaseaorg
    | Reply

    Always one of the dangers of images online. Sites often do what they can to stop people stealing others work such as Instagram and Redbubble, but it can still happen. Is sad really that some get away with this. Excellent birds and hope your products do well 🙂

    • Paula Peeters
      | Reply

      Thank you! I guess my main aim is to raise awareness, so extra sharing is not always a bad thing… Just a shame if people think their money is going to a charity when it isn’t…

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