Free nature journaling workshops this weekend in Toowoomba

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Nature journal entry created in the Deagon Wetlands

After a sweltering summer, at last the cooler weather has arrived in Brisbane! And that means it’s perfect for getting outdoors and into nature. This Saturday 8th April I’m leading two nature journaling workshops at the lovely Redwood Park in Toowoomba, Queensland, to celebrate National Youth Week. The workshops are free, and start at 9 am and 12 pm. Each workshop runs for 2 hours, and each participant receives a free materials pack (sketchbook, pencil, pen and a print copy of my book Make a Date with Nature).

These workshops were first pitched to ‘youth’ from high-school-age to 25 years old. But since there are still a few places left to fill in each workshop, we’re now opening the workshops to all ages. So get in quick to secure your place!

To register, contact Frank Ondrus on 07 4639 2135.

This event is part of the Redwood Park Open Day and has been organized by the Friends of the Escarpment Parks, and HOPE (Householders Options to Protect the Environment). Funding has been generously provided by PCYC Queensland and the Condamine Alliance.

Nature journaling can be as realistic, or as whimsical as you like. Here’s a quick, cartoony portrait I sketched recently at the Sherwood Arboretum in Brisbane, of a parent crow and a fledgling channel-billed cuckoo :

Channel-billed cuckoos are the largest cuckoos in the world, and visit Brisbane in the warmer months to parasitise the nests of Torresian crows and other birds. The cuckoo fledgling was sitting on a eucalypt limb, high up in the tree, hunched, with wings poking out (it was a hot day), seemingly waiting for its next feed. The parent crow (who was smaller than its baby) was sitting some distance away, on another branch, and looked a bit fed up!

I was also visited by a svelt-looking magpie:

while I was sketching the trunk of this Moreton Bay Ash (Corymbia tessellaris):

Oh, and I should mention that the Redwood Park Open Day on Saturday also includes a bird walk at 7am, a Bush basket-making workshop using the weed Cat’s Claw at 9 am, and a guided walk through the dry rainforest at 9.15 am.

It should be a great day! Here’s the last bit of nature journaling I did in rainforest. Not dry rainforest, but you get the idea…

Nature journaling in the rainforest at Mount Glorious.

I hope you find time to get out into nature soon. You know it’s good for you!