Create your own nature journal in the Western Downs of Queensland

Early morning bird toilette at Bimblebox Nature Refuge

Did you know there’s a delightful little gallery at Miles, in the Western Downs of Queensland? It’s called Dogwood Crossing and it will soon be hosting the wonderful Bimblebox 153 Birds art exhibition. I’ll be leading a special Nature Journaling workshop at the Myall Park Botanic Gardens as part of the program. I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity to nature journal in the Western Downs, and to teach and connect with like-minded folks in this part of the world.

The Nature Journaling workshop at Myall Park Botanic Gardens will take place on Saturday 3rd September 2022, from 10 am to 4pm. Cost is $20 plus $5 garden admission fee. Click here for more details and how to book.

Rusty Jackets at Bimblebox – created on teabag paper handmade by Sue Southwood
Nature journal pages created at Bimblebox Nature Refuge

It’s also been a privilege to be part of Bimblebox 153 Birds since its first iteration, and to have spent time at Bimblebox Nature Refuge in 2015 and 2016. The experience of my first Bimblebox Art Science Nature camp was what finally convinced me that I was an artist, after all. It also gave birth to my first colouring book – Bimblebox Wonderland.

Woodland scene, from Bimblebox Wonderland

More about Bimblebox 153 Birds:

Inspired by the birdlife of the Bimblebox Nature Refuge, this exhibition is a unique installation of artist prints, poetry, prose and musician’s birdcalls by over 450 people worldwide. Each of the 153 bird species is given voice by a writer, an artist and a musician. Individual bird prints are ‘hung in the round’ and the writing and music accompanying the artworks, captured and presented as an audio soundscape. Together these elements create an immersive experience for the visitor. Bimblebox Nature Refuge is in central western Queensland’s Galilee Basin. Its future is now threatened by coal mining.

Brolgas by Heather Kepski, 2014, part of the Bimblebox 153 Birds exhibition

The exhibition runs from 3 September – 29 October 2022

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