Bustard love goes to the UK

The Australian Bustard card – a best seller!

Do you have a beloved ‘old bustard’ in your life? It seems that many people do, going by the popularity of this greeting card that I created last year. It features the handsome Australian Bustard, that you might be lucky to see if you spend some time in northern or central Australia.

But bustard love is not confined to Australia! Earlier this year my Australian bustard card was discovered by devotees of the Great Bustard in the United Kingdom. These folks are working hard to re-introduce the Great Bustard back into England, from where it was hunted to extinction. They loved the card, and asked if I could created a version with the Great Bustard…

New Great Bustard cards, hot off the press. A collaboration between me and the Great Bustard Group.

It only took a silly hat to create a Christmas card too! These cards are currently winging their way to the UK, where they will be used to raise awareness about the Great Bustard.

So I’m really happy to report that bustard love is alive and well elsewhere in the world. Check out the Great Bustard group website to see more about this spectacular bird, and how people are trying to conserve it.

I haven’t made any Christmas cards featuring the Australian bustard – maybe next year? But if you’d like Christmas cards featuring Australian birds, check out my range of Australian robin Christmas cards, which you can order from the Paperbark Writer shop.

Red-capped Robin and White Cypress-pine
Pink Robin and Myrtle Beech forest
Hooded Robin and Bimblebox
Rose Robin and Hoop Pine
Eastern Yellow Robin and Mountain Ash
Scarlet Robin on Kangaroo Island

Have a happy Christmas, and may the old bustards in your life enjoy it too.