Bimblebox tree quiz

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tree quiz
Each picture represents a tree species that grows on Bimblebox Nature Refuge. Can you match each tree with its name?


Today I’ve been drawing trees for the Bimblebox Wonderland colouring book. And I’d like to share some of them in this little quiz. Your task is to match each tree picture with its name. The first correct entry will win a copy of the forthcoming Bimblebox Wonderland colouring book.

Here are the names of the trees:

Silver-leaved ironbark (Eucalyptus melanophloia)

Rusty jacket (Corymbia leichardtii)

Brigalow (Acacia harpophylla)

Moreton bay ash (Corymbia tessellaris)

Poplar or Bimblebox (Eucalyptus populnea)

Milky plum, or Geebung (Persoonia falcata)


Only entries submitted in the comments box below will be accepted. Even if someone guesses the trees correctly I may not confirm this straight away, so just keep guessing (each person is allowed only one entry). Good luck!


4 Responses

  1. Andy

    A) Eucalyptus populnea
    B) Corymbia tessellaris
    C) C. leichhardtii
    D) E. melanophloia
    E) Persoonia falcata
    F) Acacia harpophylla

  2. Annie Kelly

    Wow, a quiz I have a chance at 🙂 Tricky though… Least sure on a and c….but my guesses are:
    A) poplar box
    B) moreton bay ash
    C) rusty jacket
    D) silver leaved ironbark
    E) geebung
    F) brigalow

  3. Belinda

    D) iron bark
    C) Rusty jacket
    B)Moreton Bay ash
    F) brigalow
    A) Bimblebox
    E) Geebung

    Phew! Not easy. But lovely drawings ✏️

  4. Paula Peeters

    Hi all of you fabulous plant nerds. Well that quiz was clearly way too easy and I’ll have to make it harder next time 🙂 . All of you matched the correct names to the pictures, but Andy posted his answer first. So Andy wins a copy of Bimblebox Wonderland. Well done everyone and thanks for taking part. Cheers, Paula