A great big Victorian thirst for…..Beer? No… Nature Journaling!

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Those of you not familiar with the Victoria Bitter beer adverts might not really ‘get’ the title of this post. But I grew up in Melbourne, in a cricket-lovin’, AFL-lovin’ family.

So as the TV and radio broadcasts of these sports saturated my childhood, so too was my life filled with TV and radio adverts, all about how all manner of blokes could build up a ‘great big thirst’ for a ‘great big beer’. Victoria Bitter, of course! If there was a token woman in the ads, she could make herself useful by pouring the beer. But I digress….!

Many decades later and what a joy it is to discover that Victorians may still have a great big thirst for beer, but they also have a great big thirst for nature journaling. The three nature journaling workshops that I announced only a couple of weeks ago are already sold out!

So I’m thrilled to announce another two ‘Introduction to Nature Journaling’ workshops – one in Mt Macedon and one in Olinda. They’re on the same days as the sold out workshops – see details and booking links below:

Introduction to Nature Journaling workshop, Tuesday 31st March 2020, 1.30 pm, Pirianda Gardens, Olinda, Victoria. Click here for more details and bookings.

Introduction to Nature Journaling workshop, Friday 3rd April 2020, 1.30 pm, Mount Macedon, Victoria. Click here for more details and bookings.

Sorry, I won’t be serving any beer! But you are welcome to bring whatever refreshments you like.

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